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Request a new account

The initial lender request for an account user for the SBA lender portal must be made by a senior officer of the bank (Senior Vice President or above) and sent via regular mail to the address provided below, using the institutions stationary,and enclosing the initial account user's business card. The stationary and business card must include the institutions name and address. The request should include the following:

(1) SBA FIRS ID Number(s);
(2) account user's name;
(3) account user's title;
(4) account users mailing address;
(5) account user's telephone number;
(6) account user's e-mail address;
(7) account user’s visibility (508 compliant view for the visually impaired);
(8) requesting officer's name;
(9) requesting officer's title;
(10) requesting officers mailing address;
(11) requesting officer's telephone number;
(12) requesting officer's e-mail address.

Office of Credit Risk Management - Capital Access
Suite 8200; Mail Code 7011
ATTN: SBA Lender Portal
U.S. Small Business Administration
409 Third Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20416

Please allow two weeks for an account access information (user ID and password) to be e-mailed to you.

Only lenders with outstanding SBA loans may have access to the SBA Lender Portal.

Lenders will only have access to the data associated with their SBA FIRS ID number.

Only one account user per SBA FIRS ID number is authorized.

By requesting access to SBA's Lender Portal, lenders agree to take full responsibility for retrieval of their data (including data security).

Note, once a User ID and password have been issued, lenders are responsible for notifying SBA (by regular mail) for all terminations and transfers of User ID accounts.